5 Most Amazing Festive Season Campaigns

The festive season is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for marketers to start planning their campaigns. This is always a tricky time for businesses, as they need to grab the attention of consumers who are bombarded with messages from all sides. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most amazing festive season campaigns in recent memory. These campaigns managed to capture the essence of the festive season and create an emotional connection with consumers.

Here’s the thing: It’s not the event itself that prevents you from coming back the following year. It’s the experience you remember having. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the most viral festive season campaigns.

1. Coca-Cola- “Make Someone Happy”

Coco-Cola is recognized for its outstanding as well as engaging Christmas social media campaigns, which always manage to touch people’s emotions. This campaign was all about giving people small acts of happiness and making them feel good.

In 2014, Coca-Cola brought back an old Sundblom Santa Claus and inspired people to look beyond the gifts. This Christmas social media campaign encouraged millennials to do small, meaningful things for the people around them and make them happy.

The campaign’s 60-second TV spot depicts Santa Claus enjoying an ice-cold Coca-Cola in his North Pole workshop and, through his “Make Someone Happy” book, watching a montage of small moments of holiday happiness, such as a young girl giving her mother a handmade drawing.

Coco-Cola also did limited edition packaging which featured Santa Claus. They also organized their traditional style caravan tour, where everyone could click a picture with Santa Claus on the coke truck.

Why it works

Coca-Cola has been running Christmas campaigns for years, and they have become synonymous with the festive season. This particular campaign is special because it focuses on the concept of giving, which is central to the holiday season. The campaign was also very successful in terms of engagement, with people all over the world sharing their own acts of happiness.

It’s important to note that this campaign wasn’t just about selling more Coca-Cola products. It was about creating a positive association with the brand that would last long after the holiday season was over.

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2. Cadbury- “Not Just a Cadbury Ad”

When the lockdown had more than 6 crore small businesses struggling for survival last year, Cadbury Celebrations extended their heartwarming support through their Diwali campaign – ‘Not Just A Cadbury Ad’ – where they didn’t just advertise for their brand but also lent recognition to thousands of small businesses and store vendors that form part of their distribution network.

The ad, titled ‘Not just a Cadbury Ad, starts with a voice-over and bytes of local businessmen telling the viewers how badly they were affected due to the pandemic. ‘This Diwali, we helped hundreds of small businesses by making India’s biggest brand ambassador, their brand ambassador,’ the video continued.

The ad crafted by Ogilvy went viral across social media platforms and received more than 1.37 million views on YouTube.

Why it works

Cadbury’s “Not Just a Cadbury Ad” campaign is a great example of a brand using its platform to support a good cause. By shining a spotlight on small businesses, Cadbury was able to create a sense of community and goodwill around its brand.

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3. Air Canada- “ACGiftofHome”

Air Canada’s #ACGiftofHome was a Christmas social media campaign of hope and bought tears to everyone living abroad. The motive behind the campaign was to give a socially driven holiday campaign to the customers, where Canadians who live in London gathered at a bar called the Maple Leaf to get a taste of home.

The official campaign video showed two Air Canada pilots entering a pub and giving round-trip tickets to everyone present to visit Canada for the holiday season. Furthermore, they also encouraged the customers to post their own stories with the #ACGiftofHome hashtag.
With this merry Christmas campaign, more than 200 people were able to go back to their homes for the holidays.

Why it works

Such marketing campaign work because these are highly relatable. Many people can relate to the feeling of being away from home during the holidays. And by giving people the opportunity to go home, Air Canada was able to tap into that emotion and create a powerful marketing campaign. It helped Air Canada in brand building, displaying social proof, increasing engagement, and accelerating revenue.

4. UPS- “WishesDelivered”

Wishes Delivered is a social campaign that is more than just simple marketing: it has become a platform for the brand to tell authentic, heartfelt stories that truly connect with people and make them feel something real. The objectives of the campaign went beyond the typical social engagements, focusing on brand sentiment lift and social sharing to spread our incredible stories across the social web.

Customers were asked to upload their holiday wishes along with the hashtag #wishesdelivered on social media and these same wishes were fulfilled. The wishes were granted to the customers by UPS. Moreover, every special wish uploaded using the #wishesdelivered hashtag raised money (starting from $1) for several non-profit organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club of America, The Salvation Army, and Toys for Tots.

Why it works

The strategy for the 2018 Wishes Delivered campaign was two-fold: create touching, human stories that resonate with audiences on an emotional level, and share those stories in a variety of formats in a carefully managed, fluid yet focused social media plan. The execution of the media plan was thoughtful, focusing on frequent new content, fueling top performers, and understanding the virality of the share button.

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5. Amazon Prime- “Apno Wali Diwali”

While the pandemic dampened the festivities in 2020, people were more hopeful in the 2021 year thanks to the rollout of vaccines. They were, in fact, looking forward to spending the festive season with their loved ones, whether physically (in small social bubbles with adequate precautions) or even virtually. This was the starting point of the campaign and even the internal team at Prime Video shared this sentiment.

Built on the insight, the OTT giant wanted to nudge its customers to ‘step away from the world of Prime Video for “just a bit” and instead spend this festive season with their loved ones. And even as it tells them this, Amazon Prime Video wanted to promise them that their favorite stories and characters will be right here waiting for them. This is reflected in the campaign’s tagline “Hum Toh Yahaan Kal Bhi Rehenge…Par Diwali Kal Nahi Aayegi”.

Why it works

The campaign is a great example of how a brand can take a step back and promote something that is bigger than itself. In this case, it was important of spending time with loved ones. By doing so, Amazon Prime Video was able to show that it understands its customers and their needs. And in the process, it was also able to build goodwill around its brand.

So there you have it! These are just a few examples of some of the most amazing festive season campaigns out there. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own marketing campaign, definitely check these out.


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