Benchkart: Digital Outsourcing Company to Transform your Business

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Shaping the future of B2B outsourcing

Every company need to embrace digital technologies.

But most companies cannot do this with their inhouse team.

Hence, they need to outsource.

The problem is, they don’t know which is the right agency to outsource to.

As a result, they either delay or find someone through references or internet search.

Many of them, fail.

Benchkart uses a combination of AI powered algorithms and Human powered assistance to solve this problem. Benchkart’s mission is to ensure every company on the planet finds the best agency, one that fits their requirement and budget, to outsource their digital requirements to.

We help companies succeed in a digital world

Benchkart is powered not only by the experience of its own team but also of thousands of partner companies, who have worked across industries, business stages, geographies and technologies.

Our unique AI powered algorithm not only simplifies how companies create scope of work document, but also how they find agencies, how they evaluate them and eventually how they work with them.

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Our Values define our journey

Our core values are Excellence, Focus, Collaboration & Integrity.


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