Ubuntoo Case Study

About The Client
Ubuntoo is a global environmental solutions platform promoting sustainable economic growth. They help scale environmental solutions and innovations in the areas of plastics, packaging, food, and fashion. Their community includes innovators, academicians, scientists, and corporate professionals from over 150 countries.
What Benchkart did for the client
The client wanted to proactively assess the vulnerabilities and risk in their application, with a view towards understanding the issues and fixing the same, if required. We helped the client with multiple proposals from our network of cyber security companies. This helped them choose the agency with the right skillset and experience without losing time.
About Agency
The client chose to work with a company with operations across India, US, Europe & APAC. The kind of clients for which the selected agency had worked with in the past and the relevance of those projects were the most important criteria in selection of the agency by the client.
The selected agency used latest tools to remotely test the client's application and created a comprehensive report for the observations as well as solutions. The agency helped the client in determining the non-vulnerabilities of their digital system. The agency also provided them with the report on all potential exposure in a format including severity, possible cause, and possible remediation of each potential exposure.
Venkatesh Kini


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Benchkart helped us get multiple proposals from agencies with the right skill-sets & experience, select the right partner for our work and also get the project executed flawlessly. We were very happy with the quick turnaround on the project and with the quality of work done.