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About the Client
Promethean Power Systems
Manufacturing, SAP

Promethean provides thermal storage system-based cooling equipment for the food industry cold chain. They are also into sale of commodities like milk and vegetables in the B2B space. Apart from this, they offer a cost-effective technology for cold-chain food distribution, enabling businesses to reliably store and preserve perishable food items.


As their business had grown, the client needed to improve automation to be able to better track their multiple business lines. The first task was to integrate the data presently maintained on Tally and Excel sheets at various divisions into an ERP system. They needed an agency vetted & recommended by Benchkart which would be right for them for a critical & expensive project of this scale. With our project guide's help, the next steps in the agency finalization happened smoothly. The client selected an implementation partner with a track record of SAP B1 implemetation in the SMB space.

The Execution

Established in 1980, this agency is one of the first IT service providers in India. They provide digital solutions across the 5 continents, helping clients improve their operational efficiency and accelerate growth. They have deep expertise in IT solutions and go beyond their contractual obligations to deliver long-term success. In optimizing operational workflows for a thriving business expanding across the food industry cold chain, Benchkart Services orchestrated a seamless collaboration between the client, Promethean, and a selected implementation partner. The client's imperative to consolidate data from Tally and Excel into an ERP system led to the meticulous vetting of agencies recommended by Benchkart. Guided by our project experts, the client successfully identified an implementation partner with a proven track record in SAP B1 implementation within the SMB sector.

The Outcome

It is early days to comment on the overall impact of the ERP implementation on the client's business. The overall project including the planning, consulting, testing, implementation as well as the UAT have been completed within timelines and to the satisfaction of the client. The project therefore has gone LIVE as per schedule.

Jofi Joseph
Jofi Joseph
Managing Director, Promethean
Left Quote start

We are a company focused on solving for efficient cold chain food distribution in emerging markets. Benchkart helped us by advising us on the right ERP solution for us, connecting us to multiple vendors and supporting us through the implementation. We recommend Benchkart for all medium sized manufacturing companies evaluating ERP implementation.

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