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About the Client
Mycare Health Solutions Private Limited
Healthcare, Marketing & Branding

Mycare Health Solutions Private Limited is a healthcare services and management company that partners with individuals and organizations to help them remain healthy. They offer a wide range of services, including preventive care, promotive care, curative care, and rehabilitative care.


Addressing Mycare Health Solutions' challenge of establishing a robust brand identity, Benchkart connected them with an agency. This strategic alliance ensured high-quality services within budget constraints, contributing to the development of a distinctive brand identity.

The Execution

Benchkart strategically partnered Mycare Health Solutions with a seasoned design & development agency in Mumbai. Despite budget constraints, the healthcare services company received high-quality services, sculpting a compelling brand identity. Benchkart's adept Project Management played a pivotal role in orchestrating this successful collaboration, showcasing the platform's commitment to delivering tailored solutions.

The Outcome

The agency crafted a strong brand identity that effectively communicated the client's value, ensuring financial sustainability and operational efficiency.

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