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About the Client
Modi Yoga
Hospitality, Website Re-design

Modi Retreat is a wellness center in Rishikesh. The retreat follows an integrated approach to wellness with Advaita, Living Beyond 100 and Yoga at its core. A broad spectrum of wellness modalities on offer include ayurvedic therapies, naturopathy treatments, nutritional advice, physiotherapy, exercise, counselling, lifestyle consultation, meditation and self-awareness.


The client wanted to revamp their existing website thereby making it more user-friendly and to increase traffic. Paid marketing was another requirement that they came with. Benchkart team suggested the client to hire two separate agencies - one for website revamp and the other for SEO and Paid Marketing. This was suggested to ensure we matched the right capabilities with the right requirements & budget.

The Execution

Both the agencies are boutique agencies and have closely worked with Benchkart's team on several other projects. The agency that revamped the website is from Mumbai and offer services like Website Design & Development, Package Designing, SMO etc. Wheras the one that did SEO, is an award - winning agency and are experts in Lead Generation and Performance Marketing. Recognizing the distinct needs of the project, Benchkart recommended a dual-agency approach, engaging a boutique website development agency from Mumbai for the website revamp and a distinguished, award-winning SEO agency specializing in Lead Generation and Performance Marketing. The website development agency demonstrated a deep understanding of the client's requirements, delivering an optimal solution to enhance traffic and conversions. Simultaneously, the SEO agency conducted meticulous keyword research, devising targeted ad strategies for specific locations and platforms. Both agencies, with a history of collaboration with Benchkart, showcased their expertise, contributing to the project's success

The Outcome

The website development agency understood the client's requirement fully and gave them an optimal solution for getting more traffic and conversions through the website. Whereas, the agency that looked after SEO, they performed a detailed keyword research and suggested what kind of ads they should run for which locations and on which platforms. The final result :

16% gr.
organic search impressions
23% incr.
total SERP clicks
Sumit Tewari
Sumit Tewari
Head of Marketing & Branding, Modi Retreat
Left Quote start

We were looking for quality agencies for website design & development, SEO and Performance Marketing. Vendor Management was also needed at the same time. While I approached Benchkart through reference, I completely appreciate the way my requirements were discussed by the team and within 48 hrs agency details were shared with me. They were an exact match and were hired them at one go. I thank Benchkart's team to help me find good agency and I look forward to post more projects on Benchkart's platform.

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