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About the Client
LP Digitalize Technologies
Healthcare, Website Development

LP Digitalize Technologies is a Ludhiana-based company that has been providing effective, affordable, and all-natural solutions for the well-being of communities since 1973. They offer a wide range of products and services, including healthcare products, personal care products, and food products.


Skillfully establishing a connection between Lp Digitalize Technologies and a highly capable website development agency, Benchkart played a key role in elevating our client's online presence and driving substantial revenue growth.

The Execution

Benchkart's project management efforts were instrumental in enhancing LP Digitalize Technologies' online presence and driving substantial revenue growth. Through effective coordination and understanding of the client's website development needs, Benchkart connected them with a top-notch agency, resulting in remarkable revenue growth through expert website development.

The Outcome

Understanding our client's website development needs, we successfully connected them with a top-notch agency, assisting them in achieving the desired results.

Richa Tiwari
Co founder
Left Quote start

Benchkart's one-of-a-kind marketplace approach connected me with the agency that truly grasped my Shopify website requirements. Their tailored service and deep industry insights gave me the confidence to take my business online.

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