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About the Client
Keos Life
Fashion & Apparel, Social Media Marketing

Keos Life is a simplistic apparel brand that is designed with both comfort and style in mind. They offer a wide range of clothing for men, women, and kids, including a wide range of latest trends. Keos Life's clothing is known for its minimalist designs, vibrant colors, and longline and oversized cuts.


For Keos Life, a prominent apparel brand, Benchkart played a vital role in their search for a strategic digital marketing partner. Our marketing expert provided multiple agency choices, offering a wealth of expertise. The client proceeded with a chosen agency, elevating their brand through comprehensive digital marketing activities.

The Execution

Benchkart Services facilitated a strategic alliance between a prominent apparel brand, Keos Life, and a selected digital marketing agency. The project encompassed a spectrum of activities such as social media management, website audit, digital strategy development, and performance marketing. Benchkart's expertise in connecting the client with multiple agencies culminated in the selection of a digital partner, ensuring a journey marked by an enriched online presence and the introduction of trendsetting styles.

The Outcome

In a strategic journey, our chosen digital marketing agency laid the foundation with a thorough examination and establishment of crucial meta and Google accounts. Simultaneously, they conducted a meticulous review and integration of tracking pixels and conversion mechanisms, ensuring precise data collection.

Aman Raheja
Aman Raheja
Left Quote start

Thanks to Benchkart. I not only found the right agency but also saved a significant amount of time and effort in the search process.

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