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About the Client
Galaxy Medicare
Healthcare, Lead Generation

Galaxy Medicare manufactures wide spectrum of Medical Devices and Surgical Products. They are certified with ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016. Galaxy Medicare has received a Special Recognition Award in 2010 and the SME award for outstanding entreprenueurship in 2011 by Government of India.


The agency is an award - winning company based out of Vadodra. Their biggest asset is Influencer Marketing but they are also good in Social Media Marketing and Performance Marketing. Benchkart appreciates their nurturing approach and transparent work ethic.

The Execution

The agency is a boutique agency with a lot of experience working with traditional businesses and creating digital growth strategies. Planning marketing strategies, creating a well defined marketing funnel and strategically implementing the plan are a few strengths of the agency. In a recent collaboration with a distinguished medical devices and surgical products manufacturer, the agency showcased its prowess in elevating online visibility and lead generation. Analyzing historical data and website traffic, the agency crafted a comprehensive marketing funnel to enhance website traffic and cultivate a robust remarketing audience

The Outcome

The agency first analyzed the past data and traffic on the website and created a marketing funnel to get more traffic on the website and build their remarketing audience. In this process, they also created a landing page for them which helped capture leads from Google adwords.

Subhasish Das
Subhasish Das
Founder, Galaxy Medicare
Left Quote start

It was great working with Benchkart. We are a leading manufacturer of surgical consumables. We posted a Social Media Marketing project mainly to generate leads and create brand awareness. We were assigned an agency within 72 hours of posting the project and the agency took all the efforts to connect with me on Zoom Call and explain their proposal. We worked for 90 days together and generated 400 leads. I highly recommend Benchkart to anyone who is looking to outsource IT & Marketing Services.

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