Simplify the Procurement of Services with B2B Online Marketplace

Find the right expertise

Finding the right service provider or agency for your project is so critical to your success that you can’t rely on traditional processes.

Traditional process

  • Poorly defined Scope of Work & deliverables
  • Lack of rich data on agencies’ skill-sets
  • No synchronization among multiple proposals
  • Weak audit trails and evaluation metrices
  • Subjectivity & unconscious bias when selecting agencies

AI-powered sourcing

  • Expert supported SOW creation with sharper focus
  • Multiple checks for domain, industry & work experience
  • Real time & like-to-like comparisons with competitive proposals
  • Complete transparency and effort-free tracking
  • Merit-based matching and objective selection

Save Time

Our AI powered automation and human powered assistance helps you save critical time you just can’t afford to lose

Time Taken in creating a scope of work
99% time saved
Get a clear project SOW out in 3-4 hours
Time Taken in getting proposals
90% time saved
Get agency proposals to your SOW in 72 hours
Time Taken in getting project started
75% time saved
Finalize agencies, contract work & get going within 1 week even for most complex projects


Traditional Process

Save Money

Benchkart platform not only gets you competitive proposals but also empowers you to have the most transparent negotiations with vendors.

A Case Study in Cost Savings

When an organic foods company wanted to create an ad campaign, their agency provided a quotation for $225K (4 ad films). While they were aware that the same could be done at lesser cost at Benchkart (with comparable film directors/ production houses), they still were wary of getting someone new to work on the brand. Finally, they decided to let their agency also become part of Benchkart and provide bid along with other vendors. Due to the competitive nature of the bidding process, as well as better clarity on the deliverables, the existing supplier themselves reduced their cost by 35%.

$160 Budget USD in '000
$225 Initial Bid Existing
$110 New
Agency A
$130 New
Agency B
$163 New
Agency C
$225 Revised Bid
A global life sciences company realized more than 70% in bid reduction from an existing supplier’s established rate card and cost savings of over 20% against the set budget.

Go ahead & procure with confidence.

Find, hire and work with the right agency at the right price, with the confidence of our industry experts on your side every step of the way.

Project Scoping
Agency Evaluation
Contract Finalization
Project Implementation
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