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About the Client
Fashion & Apparel, Website Development

Avya is an apparel brand that is designed with both comfort and style in mind for women. They offer a wide range of clothing, including dresses, tops, bottoms, and outerwear. Avya's clothing is known for its quality, affordability, and versatility.


Benchkart effectively linked Avya with an adept website development agency, forging a partnership that significantly enhanced their online presence and drove substantial revenue growth. The collaboration proved instrumental in achieving their digital objectives.

The Execution

Benchkart's strategic alliance between Avya, an innovative apparel brand, and a seasoned web marketing agency unfolded into a narrative of noteworthy achievements. Serving as the Project Management conduit, Benchkart skillfully navigated the integration of Avya with a proficient web development partner, resulting in a holistic elevation of the client's online profile.

The Outcome

Directly resulting from our website development effort, the client's online presence saw a significant improvement, leading to increased traffic, enhanced user engagement, and higher conversion rates.

Left Quote start

Benchkart's one-of-a-kind marketplace approach connected me with the agency that truly grasped my Shopify website requirements. Their tailored service and deep industry insights gave me the confidence to take my business online.

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