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About the Client
Algonomy Software Private Limited
IT Services, B2B Tech Content Writing

Algonomy Software Private Limited is a leading B2B tech product company that specializes in delivering cutting-edge solutions to enhance customer engagement and experiences for retail companies worldwide. With a global presence, Algonomy has established itself as a leader in the industry, offering an extensive suite of products that includes omnichannel personalization software, a robust Customer Data Platform (CDP), and advanced analytics solutions.


In addressing Algonomy Software's imperative for effective audience engagement, Benchkart connected them with a skilled agency. Recognizing the limitations of their in-house content team, our collaboration resulted in a monthly blog creation strategy, reinforcing Algonomy's commitment to industry insights and online resilience.

The Execution

For Algonomy Software, a mindful content marketing agency, Benchkart managed multiple partners to maintain a high standard of content output. This approach ensured the client's content met the demands of their expanding goals while practicing mindful marketing to build a genuine community around their brand.

The Outcome

Our solution addressed Algonomy Software's content gap by providing crucial external support. Acting as an extension of their team, we bolstered content creation efforts, ensuring the fulfillment of expanding goals without compromising quality. This collaboration significantly contributed to our client's ongoing success and reinforced their reputation as a forward-looking industry leader.

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