Get Ready for the New Normal

What are the learnings from how 250+ businesses are coping with COVID19 impact?

Kislay Kumar, our CEO, summarizes "This is the time to choose wisely. Companies must analyse which block they are in, based on the Lockdown impact (High, Low) & Long-term impact (High, Low). We recommend 4 strategies depending on which block they are in".

  • Invest: If your business is not negatively impacted by the lockdown, this is a good time to invest into marketing & set the business up for future. Take advantage of the downturn to get good deals on your IT infrastructure upgradation, process outsourcing or cloud migration. Industries like ed-tech, specific players in pharma & health, business consulting and e-retailing are investing a lot right now.
  • Pilot: On the other extreme, industries like travel & tourism, bars & restaurants, sports & fitness have both a short term & long-term challenge, unless they try new approaches. They also should not spend excessively on these new approaches. Quick small-scale pilot projects are an effective way to test new ideas. Finding reliable partners in this journey is key to long term success.
  • Digitize: Industries like Retail, esp. of essential goods, had minimal impact in the short term, but are likely to be impacted by increase in e-commerce in the longer term. Business owners here need to look at improving online presence, increasing digital marketing and adding services like home delivery and digital payments.
  • Conserve: Some businesses, esp. Start-ups were impacted more due to the challenges with finding talent & capital. Re-directing the spends from full time employees into out-sourcing, from office spaces to work from home, and from traditional media to social media are some of the ways they are smartening up in the short run to keep the dreams for a great future alive.

Based on these experiences, we recommend you to look at 5 of the below projects for your business.

Websites by experts

New technologies, improved features & SEO and integration of ecommerce will ensure that your online presence is helping you transform & grow. Look out for agencies with relevant experience so that they can add to your plans rather than just execute. Study reference websites to plan your feature list & layout better.

Monthly packages for marketing

Many of us know about digital marketing, but find it hard to take the first step. We have worked with leading digital marketing agencies to create starter monthly packages. Seek our Free consultation services to begin the journey.

Lead Generation for B2B

While all companies benefit from an efficient lead generation strategy, its role in B2B businesses is even more. Be clear on your target segment and selling proposition, and then work with experts in the field.

Social Media Marketing

Organizations, big & small are seeing dramatic shift in spend from traditional media into social media. Use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin, apart from Google has created new avenues for companies to engage with customers, influencers and partners.

Outbound Calling

As geography coverage & field sales execution has become difficult, do try out outbound calling to reach partners, customers or influencers. Our quality agencies & project management processes will help you have complete ‘peace of mind’ when you outsource through us.

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Find & work with the Right Agency for the Right Price. Get India’s finest agencies across Digital Marketing, IT Services & BPO to work for you. Have complete ‘peace of mind’ with our processes for Quality, Safety & Support.

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Partner with agencies which are industry experts

The right agency partner will not only execute your plans but bring their own wealth of experience to add to your plans.


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