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Wellness company adopts Benchkart for entire IT Outsourcing

Even before their Series A funding in 2019, this client had already got good traction in the market. Now, with rapidly growing operations, they needed SPEED.

Our relationship started when they wanted to outsource automation of their MIS Dashboards. They didn’t want expensive packaged solutions, but wanted a software development agency to work on their MS SQL database and create automated dashboards. This project was eventually bagged by a software development firm in Gujarat, one of the most reputed B2B Digital Services agencies in India.

While the 1st Project was still underway, the client posted another project - for hiring of 3 ASP.Net Software Developers for a period of 6 months. They wanted to infuse short-term talent without creating a permanent position within their organization.

Today Benchkart has become a platform of choice for this client. They have multiple ongoing projects and say “It’s like having your own team of 500 agencies, that you can reach at the click of a mouse”

Real estate major solves their social media challenge

The lock-down period had led them to re-evaluate their existing marketing agencies. As business started to get back into shape, it was clear to them that their Social Media Agency needed to be changed.

Their brief for the replacement search to us was precise. The new agency had to have a strong creative (esp video marketing) team as well as agile execution, primarily on FB, Insta & You-tube. Secondly, they wanted an agency from the same city as they preferred face-to-face meetings. Lastly, they were not necessarily looking for an agency with real estate experience.

We spent time understanding the challenges and the context under which the change was being looked at. We detailed out the project brief document for our partner agencies to understand the mandate, conducted numerous interviews with short-listed agencies and then organized online pitch presentations.

The firm eventually finalized had a big surprise in store for them, as they actually got a much bigger mandate than what the project started out as! Today, they manage 3 customer segments, dedicated FB page as well as the international segment for the client.

Oil & Gas company from Saudi gets ERP Implemented

A deal with an Oil & Gas major, meant that our client’s operations would have to scale up. They had to replace their legacy application with a packaged ERP solution. The lack of quality IT service providers in KSA meant that they were not advised adequately about which ERP to go with as well as what should be the phase wise implementation plan.

Our involvement was right from the stage of defining their project brief, providing multiple options – including SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamics as well as custom ERP solutions, doing research on what would work in their unique work environment (Oilfield Equipment manufacture & services), organizing pitch presentations as well as helping in finalizing the contract & resourcing terms.

We are now partnering this company on 2 other projects that are critical to their data security and business operations.

Marketing agency migrates to cloud

With Operations expanding across Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore; our client could no longer keep spending on capex in infrastructure. The largest issues for them were large files (Photoshop, CorelDRAW) which were filling up their mailboxes as well as PCs. They also wanted to migrate to a cloud environment to run some of the software from the cloud as well adopt a productivity platform for all their needs.

Our agencies asked a lot of questions in this particular case about their infrastructure, space required per user, type of tech environment including software etc., before recommending a plan for licensing as well as cloud migration on a subscription basis.

Despite not having any IT team, our client was able to learn a lot during this process of multiple proposals as well as discussions with Benchkart team. This was a key factor in their eventually selecting the best value for them and get a smooth migration to the cloud.

Start-ups & Small businesses leverage agencies for their projects

Not all projects have been large or long duration. The greatest satisfaction has been in working with start-ups & small businesses. A large no. of these projects have been in Graphics (e.g. making pitch presentations), Websites (Basic websites to large e-commerce portals) & Apps (Android & iOS applications).

Whether Social Media Marketing project for an ‘after smoke’ air freshener, developing contactless dining mobile application for a restaurant, or modernizing the website for a hyperlocal grocery home-delivery business, the scope of projects has been varied. We have also been able to onboard agencies in case we are missing some capabilities.

In many cases, clients had earlier worked with a freelancer or lesser known agency and had not got the best results. This put additional pressure on us to ensure that the client should not lose any more time, now that they had approached Benchkart.

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What is the Benchkart advantage?

Virtually every department in every company is going digital. The requirement for quality service providers is increasing. Amidst all this, we have an important duty to perform. We have to simplify the way clients search for agencies, hire them & then get projects executed.

The greatest advantage that we have been able to provide clients have been:

CHOICE: A large pool of talent, given that each project has its own unique requirements.

SPEED: Only 48-72 hours from RFP to proposals. Within minutes if it’s an urgent requirement.

RELIABILITY: Quality agencies, Expert guides & Transparent processes in Outsourcing.

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